How does a nonharmonic face look like?

Well, let’s go step by step… When the teeth don’t fit together and the face is in disharmony at the same time we have a dentofacial deformity. It is true! Lots of people don’t bite correctly and the cause is not completely due to the dental arches. The facial bones participate in the problem and interfere with function and esthetics.. Statistics point out that 5% of the population needs besides orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery for treatment to correct the jaws bony position.
The most common examples are:

1. Mandibular Prognathism 6. Open bite
2. Mandibular Retrognathism 7. Deep bite
3. Gingival smile(Gum my smile) 8. Crossed bite
4. Smile with no teeth showing 9. Sleep apnea
5. Facial asymmetry